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Stephane asked 1 year ago

Hello 🙂
Please can you help me,

I do e-commerce, I have hundreds of small merchandises I need ship to individual US customers, so I want to use epacket of china post. but I cannot find any information about how to use it. I went to a china post branch and the delivery workers said I need to print off the label online.
But I do not know how to proceed,
Would you advise me how to start? Who should we talk to set up account?
it requires having a company or I can do that as an individual ?

Thank you for your help, I am so confused

1 Answers
epacket Staff answered 1 year ago

Where are you in? If you are in China, you can use this service.
You need to sign an agreement with EMS before you can use your account to print ePacket label.