ePacket Tracking

ePacket (also called EUB) is an international parcel service provided by China Post to support international e-commerce.The postage of ePacket is economic and it takes 8-14 days to arrive The United States from China. In 2016,ePacket reaches out to US, Britain, Canada, France and Australia, Germany… More than 20 countries, and continue to increase.

When ePacket parcel arrives destination country, it will be delivered by post office system of destination countries.For example, when the parcel arrives the US, it will be delivered by American First Class network.So, you can also check your ePacket at the destination’s postal system by tracking number.

How to track ePacket parcel shipped from China
There are three ways to check your package: 1. China Post’s official website 2. Destination country’s postal website 3. Third party track service provider website. In general, China Post can provide detailed pre-delivery status, and the destination country post office can provide more detailed delivery status information. Third-party track service providers generally collect information about both.

1.Check from China EMS website: http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html
2.Check from destination country postal website:
United State — http://usps.com/
United Kingdom — https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item
Germany — http://www.dpd.com/tracking **
Read this article learn how to change ePacket tracking number to DPD tracking number: https://www.epackettracking.com/germany-epacket-parcel-tracking/
Australia — https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/track.html
Spain — www.correos.es/ss/Satellite/site/aplicacion-1349167937616-localiza_busca_encuentra/detalle_app-sidioma=en_GB
Canada — https://www.canadapost.ca/web/en/home.page?
More destination country ePacket tracking list: https://www.epackettracking.com/destination-country-epacket-tracking-list/
3.Third party tracking website :
17TRACK — www.17track.net
TrackingMore — https://www.trackingmore.com/
AfterShip — https://www.aftership.com/

Delivery time of ePacket parcel
Mexico 20 working days, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Russia 7-15 business days, For other countries, 7-10 working days. — by EMS China
But the actual delivery time is changing, especially during the holiday season. We according to the actual delivery time, sort out a more detailed delivery time estimate table:https://www.epackettracking.com/epacket-delivery-estimate-arrival-time-stat-report-china-to-us/

The delivery range of ePacket:
(1) United States – All USPS can be delivered to the area, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Native territories and all its overseas military mail addresses.
(2) United Kingdom – British and Channel Islands, Isle of Man
(3) France – only French territory, zip code range 01-95 at the beginning of the region, and its overseas territory cannot be delivered, including Corsica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Mayotte
(4) Germany – can not cover the region and zip code as follows: Hiddensee: 18565, North Friesian Islands: 25846-25847, 25849, 25859, 25863, 25869, 25929-25933, 25938-25942, 25946-25949,
25752-25957, 25972-25996, 25982-259990, 25992-25994, 25996-25999, East Friesian Islands: 26465, 26474, 26486,26548, 26571, 26579, 26757, Helgoland: 27498, Chiemsee Lake : 83256
(5)Australia – unable to deliver the area and postal code: Lord Howe Island 2898, Norfolk Island 2899, Christmas Island 6798, Coco (Keeling) Island 6799, Antarctica 7151
(6)Other countries — Only local area.

ePacket parcel weight and size

 ePacket shipped from China
Maximum size Minimum size

Length + Width + Thickness = 90cm
(Permissible difference 2mm)
Please note that the maximum length is 60cm.
(Permissible difference 2mm)

a (length) : 60cm
a + b + c = 90cm

Length : 14cm
Width : 9cm
(Permissible difference 2mm)

Length + Diameter×2 = 104cm
(Permissible difference 2mm)
Please note that the maximum length is 90cm
(Permissible difference 2mm).

a (length) : 90cm
a + 2b = 104cm

Length + Diameter×2 = 17cm
Please note that the minimum length is 10cm

a (length) : 10cm
a + 2b = 17cm

Weight Maximum weight of the item is 2kg.(For Israel maximum is 3kg)

ePacket shipping fee
The ePacket shipping fee consists of two parts, processing fee plus weight fee.

Calculate the ePacket shipping cost, can download our Excel format file which can calculate the shipping cost automatically.  https://www.epackettracking.com/downloads/

or use our online ePacket shipping cost calculation:

ePacket Tracking number

ePacket tracking number consists of 13-digit code starting with letter “L” +”#”and ending with “CN”, for example LW099566763CN. # Is also a letter, different letters represent different country direction: LW and LT is the destination for United State, LX is the destination for the United Kingdom, LM is the destination for Canada.

ePacket Labels

Generally printed on a square paper of not less than 10cm, above the destination address and scan the required barcode.

Tax of ePacket to United State

Declare value of the ePacket parcel is less than $ 200Duty free 
Declare value of the ePacket parcel from $ 200 to $1000In the delivery, just pay tax to USPS
Declare value of the ePacket parcel more than $1000need third part service company

Q&A of ePacket

Q :If the package did not deliver correctly, how it will be handled.

A :Will send the package back to the sender. (not send back for Germany)

Q :If the parcel is lost, or exceeds the delivery period, will there be compensation?

A :NO. But in terms of our statistics, the probability of loss is very low.